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Healthy Kids Running Series

 Running is a sport that is suitable for all ages, including for children. Through this sport, children will learn about a healthy lifestyle and the positive values ​​of exercise. For children, running is also easy to learn. Since childhood, children are used to running around even without learning.

 The rules for running are quite simple—run on existing paths so that they are easily understood by children. Sports expert John Rowley believes that exercise habits have many benefits for children.

 Among other things, it can increase life expectancy, reduce the risk of health problems, boost performance at school, and shape character. A lazy lifestyle and consumption of unhealthy foods also have a big impact on increasing the problem of this metabolic syndrome. Here are the benefits.

Healthy Kids Running Series

1. More confident. 

When running regularly, the child's body will be healthier and more athletic. Without realizing it, this can make children feel more confident.

2. More school spirit. 

When a child's mood is good, he will be more enthusiastic and energetic in carrying out his day at school, such as studying and playing with friends.

3. Make children more cheerful.

 When running, the body will release endorphins or hormones of happiness. So, when this hormone increases, children feel more cheerful and excited about the day.

4. Reduce anxiety. 

According to the Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience, a research journal and Canada, running the body will promote the growth of new neurons in the brain. This can relax the child's body and reduce anxiety in children.

5. Improve sleep quality.

 In fact, running can make a child's body fitter and relieve stress. So, at night it will be easier for the child to rest and the quality of sleep will also increase.

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