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Healthy Food Store

 The body needs healthy intake with this composition to avoid various diseases such as diabetes or maintain heart health. what are the criteria for healthy food? In general, what includes healthy and nutritious food is nothing but a type of food that contains a balanced nutritional value.

 This means that food contains substances that the body really needs such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber, protein as well as minerals and water. Here are some types of healthy and nutritious food for today's business opportunities.

Healthy Food Store

1. Organic Box Rice

Generally, recommendations for the best rice box menus include fried rice, BBQ rice, rice with beef, shredded chicken rice, sambal matah chicken rice, and others. One of the reasons why rice boxes are popular with the public is their diverse menu.

2. Fruit salad

In general, actually fruit salad is also widely consumed by children to the elderly. This is because fruit salad has a unique and healthy taste. This is because fruit salad is usually mixed with other additives such as milk and yogurt.

3. Fruit juice

When selling fruit juice, don't just sell original fruit juice. However, try adding a new menu by making several variations of the juice. For example, combining fruit juice with milk, honey or other toppings.

4. Vegetarian

Vegetables are one type of food that is commonly cooked by many people. Yes, having nutritious nutrients for the body makes vegetables must be consumed every day. There are many typical Indonesian vegetable recipes that you can emulate.

 You can prepare the vegetable menu from various ingredients, such as spinach, pumpkin, broccoli, young gori or jackfruit, and other green vegetables in such a way as to arouse your family's appetite. 

You can also add all these vegetables with other basic ingredients according to taste, tempeh and fish for example.

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