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Healthy Balanced Nutrition Lifestyle

 The body's immunity is a group of cells that function against various attacks by viruses and bacteria that cause disease in the body. By increasing the body's immunity, daily activities can run smoothly without obstacles.

There are many ways to increase body immunity that you can apply at home. Application of a number of healthy lifestyles. The factors that influence the adoption of a healthy lifestyle are social, economic, balanced nutrition, physical, mental, and environmental.

Getting used to routine activities with children can provide bonding or emotional attachment that is well established. Examples of joint activities include morning walks, bicycles, eating together, and other activities. Here's how to implement it. 

Healthy Balanced Nutrition Lifestyle

1. Get enough rest

The human body has a type of protein that functions to fight inflammation, infection, and is effective for boosting the body's immune system, these proteins are called cytokines.

 If you don't get enough sleep, your body will have difficulty or only be able to produce cytokines in small amounts.

2. Implement a balanced nutritional pattern

A number of nutritious healthy foods that are good for the body's immunity include fruits, vegetables, fish, milk, eggs, meat, nuts, and yogurt.

Avoid the habit of leaving your stomach empty until you feel hungry for a long time, because this can increase your risk of developing gastric disease.

3. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise habits can launch the circulatory system, so that nutrients in the body can be channeled properly.

 Over time, you can increase the intensity of exercise to 6-7 times a week or try other types of exercise.

4. A breath of fresh air

Not only refreshing, breathing cool air can be a way to boost the body's immunity and bring positive effects to the body, such as improving lung performance.

Increase serotonin which can improve mood, so it is also useful for controlling stress and increasing the efficiency of the function of every cell in the body.

 Examples of detailed benefits that can be obtained when we carry out and apply a healthy lifestyle in everyday life by being able to sleep better, be able to study better, feel peaceful and calm, be able to think healthy, live and interact socially well, avoid various diseases , of course happier and look fitter

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