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4 Indonesian Healthy Food Menu on the Roadside

We can find Indonesian street food from a variety of culinary delights, from snacks to heavy meals. Including the taste of sweet, salty, and so on. Indonesia has many special foods, including its famous snacks that we can find on the side of the road.

4 Indonesian Healthy Food Menu on the Roadside

1. Sate

Sate is one of Indonesian culinary which is popular even to foreign countries. In Indonesia, there are many variations of satay, including the type of meat, such as chicken satay, goat satay, beef and so on. In fact, this one culinary is also typical of regional cuisine.

2. Nasi Goreng

Fried rice certainly cannot be left behind on the list of Indonesian street food. In fact, fried rice is also famous in several countries and has become a typical Indonesian food. 

This fried rice is usually served with egg or chicken toppings or you can also add toppings according to your taste.

3. Mie Ayam

Coming from noodle culinary delights, Mie Ayam is a street food that you won't want to miss. You will probably find a lot of chicken noodles with the addition of crunchy dumpling cracker toppings that add to the delicacy.

4. Bakso

Bakso is a typical Indonesian culinary dish that has no doubt about its popularity. Meat balls eaten with broth and noodles are very easy to find at a relatively affordable price.

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