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Healthy Restaurant

 There are more and more new restaurants or food places every month, eating fast food may be an option that should be avoided for those of you who are maintaining your weight or health.

 Finding a balanced and healthy diet is very difficult, but the truth is there are always options and you just have to know which foods to eat and how to order them.

Healthy Restaurant

1. Choose a food menu with small portions.

 If there are small portions of food, apart from saving money, it can also help reduce the calories you will eat. Aim for no more than 500 calories.

2. Choose foods that contain low fat and also have high protein and fiber. 

Choose a food menu that contains healthy, high-protein content and also try to avoid food menus that contain flour. In addition, choose a menu that has vegetables or fruits.

3. Choose Healthier Foods. 

If you choose the French fries menu, make sure the restaurant uses coconut oil, not palm oil or the like if there is an option for a salad or soup menu, and wheat bread which contains lots of protein.

4. Avoid Foods Containing Trans Fats. 

Small amounts of trans fats may naturally be present in meat or dairy products, but what is dangerous is artificial trans fats which are used to preserve food but look freshly cooked. Artificial trans fat usually comes from liquid vegetable oil which is added with hydrogen so that it looks denser.

Trans fat has very high side effects or effects and is harmful to health. Foods that already contain trans oils can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

 The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) recommends limiting consumption of trans fats to no more than 2 grams per day. For this reason, if you choose fried dishes, choose those that use healthier oils, namely coconut oil.

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