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Health Insurance

 According to Investopedia, health insurance is a type of insurance protection that covers medical, surgical, drug and similar costs for the insured or policyholder.

 This insurance can replace medical expenses due to illness or injury, as well as pay for medical treatment costs directly.

What are the types of health insurance in Indonesia? In Indonesia, there are several types of health insurance that you can choose from. Broadly speaking, the types are divided into these three categories:

Health Insurance

1. Health insurance based on the type of treatment Inpatient

This health insurance will cover hospital costs when we have to be hospitalized. Outpatient This insurance will cover the cost of medical treatment without having to be hospitalized, for example a doctor's diagnosis, laboratory checks, or purchasing medicines.

2. Health insurance based on the organizing body Government

This health insurance is issued and managed by the government, for example BPJS Kesehatan.Private Health insurance managed by a private body.

3. Health insurance based on the insured personal

Health insurance that benefits only one individual. Collective or group. Health insurance that provides benefits to a group of individuals, such as a family or company.

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