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How to Stay Healthy During The Rainy Seasons and Floods

 Several areas in Indonesia are prone to flooding when entering the rainy season. Extreme and unsupportive weather, such as sometimes hot and then heavy rain, can affect our health.

 The hope is that we can all stay healthy no matter the bad weather now. Therefore, apply all the ways and tips for maintaining health in every condition, especially during floods and the rainy season.

To avoid diseases that threaten us all during the rainy season and floods, do the following to support good health. Let's see.

How to Stay Healthy During The Rainy Seasons and Floods

1. Eat Clean and Healthy

The first tip for maintaining health during a flood is consuming healthy food and drink. Make sure the water used for drinking is really drinkable, such as water that has been boiled until it boils. 

However, during a flood, avoid using water from the ground for drinking. Instead, choose bottled drinking water, which is considered safer for consumption.

2. Personal Hygiene

Our body is very susceptible to disease if it is not kept clean. Especially during the rainy season, you should use protection for your body. 

How to? Some ways are to always use footwear or boat shoes if conditions are still flooding and also use gloves when crossing floods.

3. Pay Attention to Environmental Cleanliness

Flood water can bring environmental pollution such as rat waste, insects and so on. Therefore, we must have the habit of keeping our environment clean, including tools that we often or don't use properly.

Also make sure your house has adequate air ventilation. If you are in an evacuation shelter, the tip is that it is better to separate the healthy refugees from the sick. This is important to avoid disease transmission.

4. Better Sleep

Often the rainy season invites sleepiness that is felt by most people. This is because the rainy season is synonymous with winter where the atmosphere is good for sleeping. Suggestions for you, you should set your bedtime sufficiently. Do not sleep with excessive portions, because it can make the body weak and unfit.

Even so, also avoid staying up late or sleeping until late at night. Adequate sleep can restore your fitness and stamina. It also has to do with maintaining the immune system properly.

5. Always Have Medicines Ready

During floods, it may be difficult for us to get certain medicines we need. It could be that we are sick and need medicine. To avoid problems due to delays in handling medication when sick, don't forget to always have medicines ready. Thus we are always ready if there are unexpected conditions.

Some medicines that need to be prepared during a flood are generally medicines for diarrhea, fever medicine, plasters, medicine for wounds, flu and coughs, and so on. Especially if you have a history of certain illnesses or are currently suffering from an illness, please always have the medicines you need ready at hand.

The description above is important information about how to stay healthy during the rainy seasons and floods. Especially during the rainy season and floods which can bring minor illnesses or even be potentially dangerous. If you are currently sick, try to live a healthy lifestyle every day. Hope it is useful.

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