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Healthy Meal Prep Ideas

Healthy food is a basic need for human life. The food eaten every day is a must meet nutritional needs in accordance with health standards, because adequate nutritional growth makes intelligence increase and live healthy.

Eating is necessary to obtain adequate nutritional needs for survival, recovery of health after illness, activity, growth and development.

Healthy food is food that meets health requirements and if eaten does not cause disease or poisoning, and contains substances needed by the body in adequate and varied quantities, is nutritious and balanced, and is safe when consumed.

healthy meal prep ideas

1. Staple Foods

Staple foods contain a lot of starch. For example, rice, corn, bread, cassava and sago. Food essentially needed by the body as a source of energy. From this power source can perform all activities activity.

2. Side Dishes

Side dishes contain lots of protein and fat which is used to build the body and replace damaged cells. Examples included in the side dishes are meat, fish, chicken, eggs, tempeh, tofu, and others.

3. Vegetables

Vegetables and fruit contain lots of vitamins and mineral. Vitamins and minerals needed by the body for take care of your body and not get sick easily. Example vegetables are spinach, kale, carrots, and others.

4. Fruits

Fruit is also very much needed by the body. Lots of fruit all kinds, for example mangoes, oranges, papayas, apples and 10 banana. For that every day you need to eat vegetables and fruit sufficient.

5. Milk

Milk is a source of protein, minerals and acids essential fat. Milk and its processed products such as cheese, butter, yogurt has a very high nutritional content tall.

6. Proteins

Protein in the body is an essential amino acid required as building blocks for growth and formation, replace damaged cells, maintain acid-base balance of body fluids, and energy sources.

7. Minerals

Minerals are part of the body and hold important role in maintaining body functions, both in level of cells, tissues, organs and bodily functions whole. 

In the availability of not all materials foods can contain usable minerals for the needs of the body, and utilized by the body.

8. Vitamins

Vitamins are complex organic substances needed in very small amounts and in general cannot be formed by the body. therefore must imported from food, vitamins include a group of substances regulator of growth and maintenance of life. Each vitamins have specific tasks in the body.

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