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Blood Sugar 68

 People who have hypoglycemia can experience a decrease in blood sugar levels to less than 60 mg/dl. However, normal blood sugar levels range from 70 to 100 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl).Not only people with diabetes, people who have unhealthy eating patterns and excessive exercise are also at risk of experiencing hypoglycemia.

The presence of the insulin hormone in the body can prevent blood sugar levels from becoming very high. However, if the amount of insulin in the body is too much, the blood sugar level will decrease.That is why people with diabetes who often use insulin or drugs that can trigger insulin production are at higher risk of developing hypoglycemia. 

The sugar substance enters the blood stream and is then distributed to all cells in the body's tissues to be processed into energy.However, most of the body's cells cannot properly absorb sugar without the help of the insulin hormone produced by the pancreas. 

The hormone insulin functions to break down sugar in the blood into compounds that are more easily digested by body cells. Several ways to overcome this problem if you lose consciousness and your body if you have experienced emergency help and hospital emergency treatment 

Blood Sugar 68 Hipoglikemia

1. Take the hypoglycemic patient to a safe place

Take the patient to a safe and comfortable place or lie down so that it is easy for the patient when they want prevention.

2. Check the patient's level of consciousness, by checking the airflow from the nose or the pulse on the neck and wrist

Check and check if the patient is conscious or not... check the air flow and pulse.

3. Call an ambulance if the patient is unconscious

Call an ambulance if the patient is unconscious or unable to take basic precautions.

4. If the patient is conscious and looks very weak, give food or drink containing 30 grams (2 tablespoons) of pure sugar, such as a solution of sugar water, honey solution, pure sugar syrup/candy and so on.

If the patient is conscious, give food or drink containing 30 grams (2 tablespoons) of pure sugar, such as sugar water solution, honey solution, pure sugar syrup/candy.

5. hospital emergency treatment

 If the treatment of a hypoglycemia patient is carried out in a hospital, the doctor will generally give an infusion of glucose fluid so that the sugar level returns to normal.

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