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How to Detect Formalin in Food You Need to Know

 Formalin is a type of preservative for food ingredients and currently there is a lot of discussion that foods containing formalin are very dangerous. There are some people who abuse it to preserve food that is sold so it doesn't spoil. It may not be visible in the short term but it has a huge impact on health in the long term.

In this article, we will not discuss further the consequences of consuming food containing formaldehyde continuously. You must already know this because formaldehyde is very dangerous for health. To anticipate this, we must understand what kind of food contains formaldehyde, along with the explanation.

How to Detect Formalin in Food You Need to Know

1. Fish and Seafood

Fish is a protein food that is easily damaged. So if in a few days the fish doesn't smell and the color is dark red then it is certain that the fish is formalin. Ladies and gentlemen, don't be fooled by fresh fish, but pay attention to whether the fish is formalin or not.

In addition, formalin fish sometimes have a clean white color and have chewy meat. There is a simple way to test whether the fish contains formaldehyde or not. You just give a piece of fish to the cat. Cats really like fish, but if it contains Formalin, the fish won't eat it even if forced.

2. Chicken

The easiest way to compare chickens with formalin and non-formalin is the color. The one that contains formalin has a clean white color, the texture of the chicken is rather firm and the formalin smell is definitely quite pungent. You can buy chickens that are fresh red in color and if you want to be safer, buy them in the chicken coop directly.

3. Tofu

If you are a fan of tofu then you need to know what kind of things are good for health. Tofu that is good and does not contain formalin is easily destroyed and will definitely spoil if left for a few days.

It's different if it contains formalin, so tofu looks good and chewy. Tofu won't break easily and can last for the next few days even if it's not stored in the refrigerator.

 There is a quite pungent formalin smell and what is more certain is that there will be no more typical soybean aroma. If you get that, starting tomorrow, don't buy at that place again.

4. Wet Noodles

There are several ways to find out whether the noodles contain formalin or not. This method is quite simple so you can check it yourself because it is very different from wet noodles which do not contain formalin.

Wet Noodles which contain formalin have the characteristic that the noodles look shiny like they have been smeared with oil. The noodles look chewy and don't break easily, are not sticky and can last up to 2 days without being stored in the fridge. Apart from that, there is a strong formalin smell, so you need to watch out for Wet Noodles like this and don't try to consume them.

Those are some how to detect formalin in food you need to know. Love your health by carefully choosing food so that your life in the future will always be healthy. If you find food like that, please just throw it away, don't have affection for food but you don't care for health

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